Originally from Adelaide, Ivan Gencheff began singing and playing at Universities in the 1980’s and appearing on local radio with his ORIGINAL ROCK band ELECTO-DELUXE the Lead Vocalist / guitarist / songwriter. His band went through different name changes including BREAKFAST IN BEIRUT, ROOM TO GROOVE and IVAN & ICECUBES. Eventually he released with his band a vinyl record called ROOM TO GROOVE. In 1990’s Ivan moved to Melbourne performing solo or in bands at bars, nightclubs, cafes and also joined THE MELBOURNE SONGWRITERS CLUB in St Kilda. Ivan released a six track EP CD called KINGPIN

As time passed Ivan recorded 14 track album CD TIME TRAVELLER where he toured acoustically through different states of Australia and settled in Melbourne again, Ivan worked in the film industry as an actor and as an extra for small parts in many films eg.QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, AFTER THE DELUG (an Australian two part mini series) At that time also Ivan joined a folk band called THE WHISKEY GYPSIES. Ivan was the lead vocals/ acoustic guitar/ piano accordion. In the last few years Ivan has been performing in a classic rock cover band called THE RAVENS. Ivan has currently recorded a new album folk/rock/electronica style and will be performing live in the near future as IVAN GENCHEFF.

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